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young parents

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Raising children is trivially simple…

until you have them.

This book, however, answers one much more important question: Is there a way to raise a child in which both parents and children just feel comfortable with each other? Definitely yes. „The perfect parent does not exist” describes my journey as a parent that has been going on for over a decade. This is a description of my mistakes, my failures and many conclusions drawn from them, supported by the experiences of thousands of parents with whom I had contact while running the blog. When writing this book, I was guided by one idea – to create a book for parents who do not read parenting guides on a daily basis, and yet would like to learn something more and take a step towards more pleasant and calmer parenting.

It amuses, surprises and uplifts

A guide unlike any other

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Alicja Kost


When I read “The ideal parent does not exist”, permagrin was constantly glued to my face– it turns out that you can write about parenthood without being boring or moralising, but lightly and with humour. You won’t find simple, the only right solutions here, but you will find words that will make you think, as well as what your first years of parenthood are hard to bear without – support and awareness that in everything we experience, we are not alone.

Joanna Jaskółka


There is not much I can write about this book without swallowing the bile in my throat, because I am jealous that I have not managed to create one for my readers. It is probably one of the first books on the market that will explain to every parent clearly and neatly why treating a child humanly and respectfully instead of raising a child that we know well from years ago is more effective.

Niko Sadlowski – Dad’s Worker


A book like no other. In the era of professional guides, full of jargon, from which it is difficult to keep anything for myself, this book is a revelation for me. Brand new quality, accurate advice and professional explanations. As a tutor and dad’s employee, I believe this is a book you will come back to as your child grows up. This is a must for any parent.

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